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Butt enhancers

Woman of all shapes, sizes and color all over the world reacts positively over butt enhancement, it may be a pill or a gadget you put on that promises to enlarge your butt. The most popular big bottom celebrity chicks out there, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are largely responsible for the public frenzy over large butts. Now everybody from small cute little kids to women obviously way past their prime wants large bottoms. Tall, skinny types will be a thing of the past ( except of course in the fashion industry – who holds on to the idea that thin is beautiful ). Curvaceous shapes will always look better in clothes, turn men’s head like no other, and have indisputable sex appeal. Butt enhancement has come of age, has become very popular similar to breast enhancement a decade ago. Butt enhancement today comes in two forms, invasive ( normally requires surgery, expensive and comes with complications ) and non-invasive ( usually taking a pill, or something you wear that enhances the appearance of your buttocks ). I’ve asked a couple of friends what they would like. They usually like having a non-surgical and natural options when it comes to reshaping their bodies.

Non-surgical options, if they work, are less expensive therefore easier to chance your money on. It is good to understand though that usually when you take a supplement to change the shape of your body, you have to be patient as they do not work over night. It will take a few months of regularly taking the supplement to build that extra layer of fat around the bottom.

Speaking of surgical options, there are butt implants. Yes, much like breast implants, they are inserted in your bottom and will give you the exact size you desire. Many women have gone overboard with the implants though, and appear very unnatural. Butt implants are costly and should be researched before getting the procedure. Women who naturally have nice sized backsides, also have nice shapely hips. When a woman gets implants in her backside, it is normally someone who doesn’t have the natural hips to match, which can end up looking very unnatural. So if your hips aren’t shapely, be cautious of the size of the implants you get so they won’t look extremely unnatural. Having a bigger backside is very becoming but too much is too much. Just like with breasts, bigger ones are naturally beautiful, but too much is too much. When you go overboard with surgery it becomes unattractive. This is certainly not what you would want.

Another option for a bigger backside comes in the form of exercises. Now this option is absolutely free. It involves using weights paired with squats, and other exercises such as donkey kicks. Now this option will not give you a major change, but it will definitely uplift and tone. And keep in mind that even slight changes make a difference. So exercise is definitely a good alternative for a bigger booty. You just have to make a routine of it.

Another alternative for a bigger bottom line which involves not changing your body is a booty pad. Now booty pads come in different types. You can get ones that actually have an insert attached to the panty that give you the illusion of having a bigger bottom. These come in different sizes and give you option as to how big you want your backside to appear. These work fine, and don’t involve changing your body, but it may feel kind of weird to not actually look that way once you take your clothes off. Then there are other butt enhancers that act very similar to a push up bra. These enhancers go underneath the cheeks and lift the buttocks up giving them a boost.

So you have several alternatives when it comes to getting that bigger bottom line. Implants, pads, exercise, and butt enhancement pills.

While women are more open to padded panties and body shapers, more and more men share with us why they need to get “their butt covered”. Contrary to women, most men wear padded underwear for health or comfort reasons. However, an increasing number of men buy padded briefs for purely aesthetic reasons. So, instead of contemplating why men buy padded briefs, I searched the internet for reasons why men buy padded briefs and I’m, sharing them with you. Men are generally more shy than women, so most prefer not to share their name:

“Your padded underwear gives attributes that ladies will certainly love, more curves in the back region and nice, full, powerful looking front. With the right business slacks on, every lady in the room admires me from behind when I walk in. The added curves are so delightfully refined that even a conservationist’s eye would not be able to ignore the luxurious flow of the middle seam. From the front, a bulge is created that looks full and empowering. It is a very sensual look that is guaranteed to grant alpha status in any situation all while provided you previously unattained amounts of support and comfort. No more low hanging testicles either. I am keeping my boys close with a pair of padded briefs.” “I was getting ready to go out on a date and really wanted to impress Jemma (the girl I have a crash on). You know, she is very into bodies and body shape, so I really wanted to look a bit better and appeal to her even more. I have previously purchased your Package booster to ride my bike with, so I wanted to see what kind of difference this makes and to see if that will help impress her. One comment though, you will want to wear jeans that are a little tighter fitting so you can get the maximum results. Oh, man, did I get a result..” “What is a man like me to do when he wants to show off some of his best features, but finds himself lacking in the department? Surgery is a no-no, that’s just downright crazy. I’ve gone old-school and used towels or paper to pad my front and back, but how embarrassing it is if somehow those come off! One day I went online and searched padded underwear for men. I bought the package booster, because, really, this is what I needed, but I find the butt enhancement quite nice as well. It is easy to slip on and off, and they look natural.”

“Women aren’t the only ones who care about the way their bottoms look, men also care how they appear! This is especially true for most men who naturally have flat butts (like me) that don’t look nice when wearing work or casual clothing. The good news is that I am a proud owner of 2 pairs of padded briefs. My mirdles are comfortable to wear just like regular underwear. I like the fact that the pads are removable and I can wash them as often as I want without buying new pairs over and over. Every outfit looks better now.”

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