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The influence of MEDIA on our thinking of a PERFCECT BODY IMAGE.

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Read a magazine, surf the web, watch TV and you will be constantly bombarded by cleverly airbrushed images of a woman’s perfect body. We breathe the idea that a thin body is perfectly normal and being slightly overweight and out of shape is abnormal, media would have us believe this false notion of beauty as achievable – just as long as you use this product, buy these clothes, reshape a few of your body parts here and there (your eyelids, nose , lips, ears, chin, breast, tummy, butt). The question is how many of you notices the hideous little disclaimer (you almost can’t see it because it’s either too small or placed in area they don’t want you to see) at the bottom that says “results not typical, results may vary”. Yet this is how I am supposed to look and dress to get the love, attention, happiness and success I want. And I’m being told “results are not typical, results may vary”. If you haven’t guessed by now, let me enlighten you, what they’re really saying is “the results you are looking for cannot really be achieved”.

The average model is 5’11 and weighs less than 120 lbs. (skinny, underfed but overpaid ladies (models sometimes starve themselves crazy to achieve and maintain this look)). The average Filipina is 5’2 and weighs between 115 – 120 lbs. If you look around you see average women not average models, you will also see that thin is in, that thin is beautiful, that thin is perfect. Can beauty be found in a world that doesn’t know what true beauty really is?

We see on average 400 ads a day, 10 percent of this ads is all about beauty (just try crossing any bridge that connects the southern and northern parts of Davao city and you’ll see what I mean). More than 50% of the girls think they need to go on a diet. A good percentage of women are dissatisfied with their appearance (thanks to the advertisements in print and TV that hammers home this point), and a lot of young kids 10 years old and below are afraid of being overweight which should be the last thing on their minds.

The most disturbing fact is that media images of beauty are simply unattainable except for a select few, researchers generating a computer model of a woman with Barbie-doll proportions found that her back would be too weak to support her upper body weight and her body would be too narrow to contain half of her internal organs. A real woman built that way would suffer chronic diarrhea and eventually die from malnutrition. It has been estimated that 99% of girls aged 3 to 10 years old own at least one Barbie doll (may not be Barbie doll for Filipino kids but a doll nonetheless with Barbie doll proportions). What a role model.

What are we to do? Should MTV and TV Ads reflecting unattainable images of women be banned for hypersexualization of women’s bodies? Should the fashion world be put to shame with the fact that real beauty isn’t thin, it comes from within? Should fashion magazines be taken off shelves for it’s portrayal that thin is beautiful? Should America’s Next Top Model be canceled because it shows girls that beauty is tall and thin? Should advertisements that use women bodies to sell any and everything be taken off the web?

The time it would take to fix these problems would be time wasted and unfairly spent. It’s about time women should be literate in today’s complex media culture. It’s time for young women to realize beauty comes from within. Women were made to have curves. Bodies are not fashion accessories. “Beauty is not the face; beauty is a light in the heart and the glow in the face.” Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It’s not something physical. Young women need to let the whole world see their strength and beauty. And if the world can’t see the beauty of their souls, they should know they are beautiful in the eyes of the creator. I know at times they may get knocked down and even doubt their ability, they just need to look in the mirror and say I’m wonderful with humility. And the next time they see a beauty ad on T. V. telling them thin is beautiful; they will remember “results are not typical, result may vary”. .

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